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Our little Rockstar!

So, my little man, Cole, is destined for super-stardom.  I know, I know, everyone thinks their children are brilliant- I am no exception to this rule.  🙂  Cole could play Guitar Hero at the age of 2, and I don’t mean fail out- he could actually pass the songs.  Last year for Christmas Santa bought him Rockband and he quickly picked up on the drums.  This year Santa brought him Rockband 2, he now can beat songs on expert on drums- it is insane!!  His newest thing is actually playing the guitar- on expert- and singing at the same time…

Um, crazy, right??  He’s totally our little Rockstar!! Backup singing and vocals are compliments of Miss Addi. Yes- I am on the drums- can’t thank Jeff enough for panning out to get me in there- I so love that!   (Yeah, right!)

We’re practically the Partridge Family, minus the bell-bottoms. 🙂


Oh so True!

So, with my new site, new outlook, new year and new beginnings, I have decided to expose more of me.  After all, if you are a potential client you will be hiring me- not my portfolio.  For all of my past/current clients, you will know some of these facts first hand.  🙂  So… Here I go:

1. Yes, True is my real last name- it’s not for business, it is an actuality!  🙂  I became Mrs. True almost 10 years ago, formerly Ms. McCulloch.

2. I talk with my hands- always.  And I mean really talk with my hands.  My grandmother is a lip-reader and I grew up in her home with my dad and brother.  We had to motion at everything we were talking about or use our hands to emphasize our words, because she couldn’t hear.  So, on a shoot I will generally over-motion and over-emphasize strictly out of habit.  You can thank my Grandma.  🙂

3. I can recite Dirty Dancing word-for-word!  Challenge me- I am not lying.  When I was nine years old I watched the movie about twice a day until I literally ruined the VHS.  That was the summer of 1989 when everyone called me Baby and it didn’t occur to me to mind.  Honestly.  I had a perm and minus the nose, I was a mini Jennifer Grey.  Johnny Castle was what I thought all men were going to be like when I grew up.  I married a white boy who can’t dance- go figure!  😉

4. I’m a reality TV junkie.  I like it all!  Well, I should say I like the mindless reality TV- I don’t like COPS, I just think it’s depressing.  Top Model, Project Runway, Bachelor, Big Brother, Real World, the Hills…  Honestly, I can’t get enough.  I love when they play marathons on the weekends- there is no better way to spend your Saturday than on the couch curled up in a blanket watching LC & Audrina- yet again!

5.  Everytime I laugh, I cry.  For real!  I swear it happened after I had kids- once I get going the waterworks just begin to flow.  I can’t help it or prevent it.  So, be prepared, if you get me laughing, you’ll get me crying.  😛

So there you have it.  If you go to my website you can view more of my quirks.  And remember, nobody puts baby in the corner.  Hehe!


The Girls

I have so many amazing memories of my girlfriends from our school days.  We were pretty much inseparable, we spent countless weekends at each others houses, doing makeovers, taking pictures, gossiping about boys, planning our lives…  It was always the four of us: Me, Jen, Shuree & Autumn.  My girls.  The ones that always had my back, were there when I needed them- without question or hesitation, the girls who probably knew me better than I knew myself.  I love them!

(These three gorgeous ladies were all bridesmaids in my wedding.)


From Left to Right: Me, Jen, Shuree & Autumn

I was thrilled this past weekend to find out that everyone was going to be home for the Holidays.  Jeff and I met up with them at Sixth Street Bar & Grill for a drink and some catching up.  Jen and I see each other often, since she moved back to Eugene.  She has a little girl named Amaya, so our kids get together and play.  Shuree is living in San Diego with her man, Chris, they actually met here in Eugene when we were in high school.  Autumn lives in London now and is loving it- Jeff and I are hoping to visit her there someday.  I just have to say that she is totally picking up the accent and I just ADORE it!!  🙂

Girls:  I LOVE YOU!!!


The new look of Holli True Photography!


You can view my site by going to!


Discovery Zone

  I have spent the last few weeks agonizing over my next move towards my dream.  I love Photography- everything about it just speaks to me and draws me in.  It is my drug and I am seriously addicted. 

  I have been reading one of the greatest books: “Fast Track Photographer” by the ever talented Dane Sanders.  I am in love with this book for many reasons, mainly because reading it has been a journey of self discovery for me.  It has forced me to take a long hard look at my craft, where I have been, where I am at, and where I am going? 

  Ultimately it is up to me.  So, I intend to plunge ahead.  Develop my brand and my foothold in this industry.  I am on my way and I cannot wait to see what happens.  J


Thank You!!

cans-100131 comments = 31 canned good items!  🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me give back to my community. I am so grateful for everyone and everything in my life, I am truly blessed.  This was so much fun for me, I got excited every single time a new comment came in!  I will definitely be doing more of this!!

Happy Holidays and God Bless!!

~The True’s



I think I CAN, I think I CAN!! {Giving Back!!}

So, the ever amazing Jasmine Star had a great post on her blog today- ways to get involved and give back to those less fortunate.  After checking out some of the links she included on her post, I was inspired to follow in the footsteps of Chris & Lynn, two amazing photographers out of Vancouver, BC.  So, are you ready for this?

I love to receive comments, so this is so perfect!  From the moment this post goes live until December 16th, 11:59pm, for every comment posted on my blog (to any post), the True Family will donate a canned good to Food for Lane County!  Could it be any easier?  Just post a comment and share the love!  🙂 

For fun, I will be keeping track and posting occasional updates!!

So many amazing Photographers nationwide & internationally are getting in on this!  What do you have to lose?  This is the time of year to count your blessings- I am counting mine!  Let’s come together and bless others in need!

Much Love,

Jeff, Holli, Cole & Addisyn