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Scott & Brittney- Engagement Session

As you can see from my earlier post, we made our way up to Seattle two weekends ago.  The main purpose of the trip was for my Engagement Session with Scott & Brittney.  🙂  Brittney and I are family.  Our Grandma’s are sisters, our dad’s are cousins, so I believe that makes her and I third cousins.  I can recall spending many days out in Crow, the tiny town our Grandma’s grew up in, riding quads, taking hikes and playing “Murder”.  🙂  (“Murder” is really “Aggravation”)  

Anyway, when I saw the little Facebook post late one night that read: “I’m Engaged”- I was so excited for them!  The wall-to-wall posts began and I demanded details!  🙂  When Brittney & Scott chose Jeff and I as their Photographers, we were thrilled!  We can’t begin to express how grateful and honored we are that you chose us for your special day.

The Engagement Session was so much fun- even if we did get lost a few times.  Hehe!  It’s all just part of the bonding, right?  🙂  We can’t wait for the wedding and I hope you LOVE your pics!!











Only one of the greatest sunsets ever!  🙂



When we were finished with the shoot, we drove by a building that was completely lit up.  We had to stop- I am so glad we did because I am totally in love with this shot!!  🙂  Personal fav!!


I <3 Seattle- Seriously!!

So, years ago, and I’m talking years ago- I tried my hardest to get my hubby of less than one year to move up to Seattle.  I love Seattle… L-O-V-E!  “Come on,” I whined, “We’re young, we’re free…  We don’t have any kids yet, our parents won’t care!  Let’s move up there, puh-lease!?!?!?”  Jeff was not impressed, nor was he willing to budge on his decision of planting our roots here in Eugene. 

  Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore Eugene.  I was born and raised here and I can’t imagine raising a family anywhere else.  I love that my Grandma stops by every single night, that our families get together for every single holiday because we all live so close and that my children will most likely attend the same schools I attended.  It’s comfortable, it’s perfect, it’s home.  🙂

  But, when I was 18- yes, I got married when I was 18- I just wanted a change of scene.  More than anything, I think I wanted to prove my independence and show that I was an adult who could make it with her new husband in the big bad world.  We never made the move to Seattle, but we visit often.  And every time I go there, I always beg to make the move.  Our last trip, two weekends ago, was no exception…


So, when I booked an Engagement Session in Seattle, I was thrilled!!  The shot above caught my eye the moment I started my shoot.  I used this brick wall for some shots of the future Mr & Mrs, and decided to steal a few personal shots, too.  🙂  The next few images were all snapped during their shoot.  I am such a tourist when I am in new territory and I kept apologizing while I happily snapped away.  🙂  Luckily for me, they didn’t seem to mind much!




The breathtaking view from Kerry Park- Seattle’s hidden gem.  I fell in love with this place and now I will have to visit every single time we go there. 


The next few shots were taken the next day.  We went back up to Kerry Park, I wanted my kids to see how beautiful Seattle truly is.  🙂  Cole loved the park immediately!



In the above you can see Mt Rainier in the distance.  In the image below you can see my son was dying to be my model.  🙂




Occasionally I step out from behind the camera- usually this only happens if my kids are going to be in the picture with me.  Oh, and I know I look like a horrible mother having my child stand on the ledge like that.  I have to say that there is grass just on the other side of this wall, a few feet from the wall, the ground begins to slope down to a children’s park- so it isn’t nearly as horrific as it looks!  Plus, Cole isn’t very brave, so he wouldn’t have ever climbed up there otherwise!  🙂


Our last stop before heading home was the EMP- Experience Music Project.  This place is only one of the coolest museums I have ever been to.  We all decided we needed at least a full day to really see all there is to offer there.  Unfortunately, they forbid you from taking pictures in any of the exhibits, but you can snap a few shots in some the areas.  If you ever get a chance to go to the EMP- do it!  You won’t be sorry!!  If you love music, you will LOVE EMP.



For those of you who don’t know, my son is a future Rockstar.  He loves Rock-n-Roll and can currently play Expert on both Drums and Guitar on Rockband- pretty amazing for a 5 year old!  🙂  We are going to get him some real drum lessons soon- his eye-hand coordination is mind blowing!  This tower of guitars made his whole face light up- watching him made mine light up. 



Until next time, Seattle…  🙂