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New Banner!

My precious little Addi!  🙂


Tyler’s Territory

I am a little behind getting these pictures posted.  Two weeks ago I went out to “Tyler’s Territory” for his 2nd Senior Session.  The first session was on the beach, but these pictures are sooo Tyler.  🙂  We went to his uncle’s place and got some pictures with the barn.  Tyler is so much fun, I had a great time doing this session with him!

Tyler’s buddy Chad came along for the ride.  After spending some time at his uncle’s place, they lead us to a place I could never find again.  🙂  They know the land quite well, I felt like I was in another country!  (Thank you GPS!)  I love that you can see the valley for miles in this picture, Oregon is so beautiful!!!

The picture below cracks me up!  They thought it would be cool to get a picture of them jumping from a stump, I thought it was hilarious!  🙂  We all had a good time, it was so much fun spending a few hours with these guys!!  Congrats Tyler!!!


Still Searching…

I was a little late getting this posted, so I have extended the deadline!  🙂  If you live in the Eugene/Springfield are and would like the opportunity to earn free product, have a great time and spread the word about Holli True Photography- sign up today!!  I will be accepting applications until May 31st, 2008.  Apply today!!

Just email me at with the following info:


~High School

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~Why you are interested in being a Rep for Holli True Photography

Questions??  Don’t hesitate to contact me at 541.953.3578


Derek Part 2

Since spring has been non-existent in Oregon this year, Derek and I finally decided to just do pictures, regardless of the weather.  We went out two Saturday’s ago and wouldn’t you know- it decided to snow!  (Snow in April???)  He’s my cousin, so I can torture him!  🙂  We started up at Skinner’s Butte and made our way down one Downtown street- I have to say I love the results!  We were on a very tight schedule and managed to get about 100 shots in 45 minutes.  🙂  The one below, I love!

Congrats, Derek!

Another favorite!  We were driving to Skiner’s Butte and saw a building with some incredible graffiti.  Love it!

My aunt wishes he wasn’t wearing this shirt.  I love the whole look.  🙂