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Our little Rockstar!

So, my little man, Cole, is destined for super-stardom.  I know, I know, everyone thinks their children are brilliant- I am no exception to this rule.  🙂  Cole could play Guitar Hero at the age of 2, and I don’t mean fail out- he could actually pass the songs.  Last year for Christmas Santa bought him Rockband and he quickly picked up on the drums.  This year Santa brought him Rockband 2, he now can beat songs on expert on drums- it is insane!!  His newest thing is actually playing the guitar- on expert- and singing at the same time…

Um, crazy, right??  He’s totally our little Rockstar!! Backup singing and vocals are compliments of Miss Addi. Yes- I am on the drums- can’t thank Jeff enough for panning out to get me in there- I so love that!   (Yeah, right!)

We’re practically the Partridge Family, minus the bell-bottoms. 🙂