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Our little Rockstar!

So, my little man, Cole, is destined for super-stardom.  I know, I know, everyone thinks their children are brilliant- I am no exception to this rule.  🙂  Cole could play Guitar Hero at the age of 2, and I don’t mean fail out- he could actually pass the songs.  Last year for Christmas Santa bought him Rockband and he quickly picked up on the drums.  This year Santa brought him Rockband 2, he now can beat songs on expert on drums- it is insane!!  His newest thing is actually playing the guitar- on expert- and singing at the same time…

Um, crazy, right??  He’s totally our little Rockstar!! Backup singing and vocals are compliments of Miss Addi. Yes- I am on the drums- can’t thank Jeff enough for panning out to get me in there- I so love that!   (Yeah, right!)

We’re practically the Partridge Family, minus the bell-bottoms. 🙂


Oregon Coast- Day Two

We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  🙂  All in all, it was an awesome weekend to get away and enjoy each other.  We need more weekends just like it!!!

Miss Addi and her Daddy.  🙂

I just adore them more than I can even begin to say…

Cole wrote his name in the sand all by himself!  So stinkin’ cute!!

Tired girl catching a lift from her daddy.  🙂

Isn’t that so cool? 

The final shot before the drive home.  I love this picture!  I want to get a huge print of it and hang it in my house!!  I love the weathered skeletal structure- barely still standing. 


Oregon Coast = Family Fun!

As promised before, I am making every effort to post more pictures of my family.  🙂  These pictures were taken 2 weekends ago at the coast.  We went over to photograph a family and made a weekend of it!  Luckily for me, we arrived just as the sun was setting.  We quickly dropped our luggage in the room and ran down to the beach.  These are some of my favorite pictures I have ever gotten!  The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite places on earth- it’s beauty amazes me every time.  Add my precious family and it makes for some gorgeous pictures.  🙂  Enjoy!!

Grandpa and Cole playing in the surf.

Daddy snapped a photo of the True Girls.

Jeff (also known as Daddy) 🙂 was trying to get a picture of the boardwalk just as Cole decided to run down to get grandpa.  We both love this picture!  🙂

This is my boardwalk picture.  🙂  Wish we were still there…

I will be posting day two at the coast next!  🙂


Just for fun!!!

So I have had some requests for some updated pictures of my two little ones.  It made me realize how long it has been since I have posted anything with the two of them- naughty mommy!  My goal is to go through some folders and find some cute pics of the kids from these past few months- shouldn’t be too hard- and post them in between some of my other sittings.  I instantly found these and I just adore them!!  If only we could all be kids again and feel so happy over a hose and running water!  🙂  Enjoy!!!


Mr. North

Where I live all the high schools in the area hold male pageants to raise money for The Children’s Miracle Network.  It is such an amazing event for such an incredible cause, it’s heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time!  12 guys fund-raise for 4 months and then compete in a pageant for the title of “Mr. (Mascot/School)”  My son, Cole, was asked by a friend of ours to walk with him during the Hero segment.  Cole was so excited!  This was his third time to be in one of these pageants, but the first he can remember.  🙂

Tyler & Cole were dressed as Tinkerbelle & Peter Pan.  (Cole was thrilled that it meant he could hold a fake knife, which he waved at the audience the entire time with a huge grin!  🙂  Sounds scary, but it was adorable!!!)


We were all very excited when Tyler was crowned Mr. North!  Cole was sitting in the crowd saying again and again, “I hope he wins…I hope Tyler wins…”  He jumped out of hit seat when they announced him the winner!

My precious little man, Cole & Tyler aka Mr. North 2008


Congratulations, Tyler!  You totally deserve it!!  🙂


Snow Hat



Braving the Surf

Braving the Surf