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My Muse!

Sometimes you meet people who simply inspire you.  Inspire you to try, to improve, to just do.  Justine does this for me.  She is a great friend, my #1 cheerleader, my go-to person for different ideas I have about my business and above all, my muse.  🙂  Aside from being obviously gorgeous, she’s also willing try anything- especially when it comes to my photography visions.  Like I said, she is a GREAT friend!   

This past Sunday Justine and I drove out to Harrisburg for a concept shoot with the ultra-fabulous, Kacy Jo!  I met Kacy this past summer and I just adore her.  She allowed us to play on her turf and although it was freezing cold, we had a great time and managed to produce some amazing shots!  Justine & Kacy- thank you for being awesome friends!  Enjoy!!












Oh, and I have to say, I LOVE my new lenses!!!


Alex- Senior Session

I was thrilled to get a call from some life-long family friends, asking me to pictures for their son, Alex.  Hollis and her sister, Erica, grew up across the street from me and my brother, Eric.  (Funny, right??)  They were older than us, we were the “tag-alongs” that wouldn’t leave them alone.  🙂  Anyway, I met up with their family on Sunday and we got some great shots of Alex.  Like all guys, he wasn’t really into having his pictures done at first, but when we got about halfway through, he was a pro.  🙂  I hope you guys love the pictures- Alex you were awesome! 

I had to include this precious picture of ALex with his little sister, Olivia.  🙂  Too cute!!


Sarah- Senior Session

Two weekends ago we went up to Portland to meet with Sarah and her mom.  I was thrilled to have a new stomping ground- and let me tell you- Portland did not disappoint!  We started out in the Pearl District and then went in search of a fountain and we found the most incredible place!  I can’t wait to go back!  Sarah was amazing and I had the greatest time doing her shoot.  She was willing to try anything and I am so happy with her pictures!  I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to blog because I literally wanted to post about 30 images.  🙂  Sarah- I hope you love these!!!

The image above is a personal favorite!  🙂

Her mom has a love for elephants, so we had to do this one!  I adore it!


Jamie- Senior Session

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to meet up with Jamie and her mom, Janelle (hope I spelled that correctly).  🙂  We had a lot of fun making our way from downtown Eugene to a local park.  Jamie was so awesome to work with!  She was so trusting and willing to try anything- including sitting in the ice cold river (that had cooled about 20 degrees from the weekend before!)  Jamie also has the most infectious smile and gorgeous eyes!  All around- just a great girl!  Thank you, Jamie, for an fabulous shoot.  I hope you love your pics!!

So, I just realized the two above images are posed almost exactly the same- Oops!  I still love them both!!  I assure you, we had several different poses on the train tracks- but I love the wind in her hair in this one…

Favorite pic of the shoot (above).  🙂

An icy cold shock.  Haha!  So cute!


Colton- 2009 Senior Rep

Last night I met up Colton for his Rep Session.  His girlfriend, Jessica, is also a rep for me- so we were able to get both of their sittings done and some really cute pictures of both of them together, too!  🙂  We couldn’t have asked for better weather or better scenery.  Colton was a little shy at first, but we quickly broke him of that!  I have to apologize (again) for getting us lost!  Haha!!  Although, I’m kind of glad I did, since the first three shots wouldn’t exist, if we hadn’t!  Enjoy!!  🙂


Taylor- Downtown Shoot 7.20.08

I had the best time photographing Taylor this past Sunday!  She was so adorable, sweet and just plain cute!  I got so much material out of her- I literally could fill entire blog page with pictures of her!  🙂  (I’m saving more from this shoot for my Senior Portfolio on my site…)  Anyway- we’ll be doing another shoot together and I can’t wait!  Thank you, Taylor, for some of my favorite shots- ever!!  🙂


I had to add this…

So, I just finished the editing process for Trevor’s pictures and this was the very last picture.  I love the results and I just had to add this picture because it’s now one of my favorites!  🙂  Hope you enjoy it, too!