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Mark & Justine- Engagement Session

Last Sunday was fabulous!  I am good friends with Justine and her fiance, Mark.  I was so excited to do their engagement session- they are honestly the cutest couple.  Ever.  🙂  I love engagement sessions because the sessions are very casual and in most cases, this is my chance to get to know the future Bride & Groom before their wedding day.  When the engaged couples are friends of mine, it makes the experience even more fun.  Mark & Justine, you two rock and I adore you both!  Although the wedding is a few years out- I can’t wait for it to happen!  🙂  I hope you love your pictures!!!








Why Photography?

My dad recently said, “I’m surprised you chose photography.  When you were a kid you were always drawing and writing.”  I sat there for a minute and knew instantly that he was right.  As a child I would tell anyone who asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up that I was going to be a writer or an artist.  All through high school I wrote novels and never went anywhere without my charcoals and sketch pads.  I would spend hours lounging on my bed, scribbling story ideas on notepads or sketching face after face, practicing eyes, noses and hands- the hardest body part to draw, I might add. 

The truth is, I didn’t choose photography.  It chose me.  Over 7 years ago my husband and I were faced with a tragedy.  We lost our baby girl, Jenna Tylene, when I was 5 months pregnant with her.  It was devastating.  It changed me.  It changed him.  It changed us.  I was 20 years old, married for 2 years, just ready start a new career. 

And then came the news. 

Jenna was sick.  She suffered from Turner Syndrome.  She was the 1 out of 2500.  What made her special, was that she also fell into the 2% that would live beyond 12 weeks gestation.  She was my little fighter and I would have given anything to have her in my life.  I still would.  We hold strong to our faith, and we know that one day we will all be with her, our little angel. 

Days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months.  My life was not the same and I knew it never would be.  Part of my healing process was forcing myself to work with children.  I needed to surround myself with them.  So, I got a job at a children’s studio in the mall.  It was 4 hour a day therapy session.  Sometimes the days would make me laugh- like meeting Max and photographing him in his daddy’s Firefighter uniform.  Sometimes the days would make me cry- like photographing a newborn baby who was born on Jenna’s due date. 

As good, bad, and sometimes ugly as it was, it was exactly what I needed.

Three years ago I ventured beyond the studio walls and formed my own company.  I love every minute of it.  I made the transitions from film to digital, studio to on-location, and therapy to passion.  Having one been a children’s photographer, 90% of my business now is Seniors and Weddings.  I honestly couldn’t think of a better fit for me, than photography.

So, my response to my dad was that he shouldn’t be surprised.  Photography has become my creative outlet.  It’s the perfect blend of story-telling and art.  I’m still a writer, I’m still an artist.  I may not put pen or charcoal to paper as often as I used to, but now I put emotion to paper.


Whole new {blog} Me!

So, my blog has generally always served as a business platform and not so much as a personal journal.  Aside from the occasional posting of my family and friends, it’s 95% of the time a client’s sneak-peek at their session.  That is until today.

The writer in me is dying to come out!  I never find enough time in my day to write in my journal, but I always make time to blog, as it is part of my business.  Blogging is a favorite pass-time of mine and I self-proclaimed blog stalker.  🙂  To get to the point- I have decided to start mixing a lot more of my personal self with my business self on my blog.  Some might call me crazy, some might call daring, but I just hope that all will call me real.

So, hello cyber world…  Get ready to meet a whole new me.  🙂 

Here is a preview of the session I am currently working on.  They are only the cutest couple to walk this green earth!! 




Alex- Senior Session

I was thrilled to get a call from some life-long family friends, asking me to pictures for their son, Alex.  Hollis and her sister, Erica, grew up across the street from me and my brother, Eric.  (Funny, right??)  They were older than us, we were the “tag-alongs” that wouldn’t leave them alone.  🙂  Anyway, I met up with their family on Sunday and we got some great shots of Alex.  Like all guys, he wasn’t really into having his pictures done at first, but when we got about halfway through, he was a pro.  🙂  I hope you guys love the pictures- Alex you were awesome! 

I had to include this precious picture of ALex with his little sister, Olivia.  🙂  Too cute!!


Jessica- Senior Session

So, for once in very, very long time, I am caught up on my sittings.  It feels amazing!  🙂  This past Saturday I met Jessica at her house and we did her session on her property.  There were so many gorgeous places to do pictures and we managed to find all of them.  🙂  Jessica is one of my Reps and I just adore her!  I have so many favorites from this shoot and had the hardest time choosing the images to blog.  Jessica- I hope you love them!

Her horse, Ricki (spelling?), wasn’t enjoying the session so much.  🙂

LOVE the one above!  🙂


Sarah- Senior Session

Two weekends ago we went up to Portland to meet with Sarah and her mom.  I was thrilled to have a new stomping ground- and let me tell you- Portland did not disappoint!  We started out in the Pearl District and then went in search of a fountain and we found the most incredible place!  I can’t wait to go back!  Sarah was amazing and I had the greatest time doing her shoot.  She was willing to try anything and I am so happy with her pictures!  I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to blog because I literally wanted to post about 30 images.  🙂  Sarah- I hope you love these!!!

The image above is a personal favorite!  🙂

Her mom has a love for elephants, so we had to do this one!  I adore it!


Oregon Coast- Day Two

We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  🙂  All in all, it was an awesome weekend to get away and enjoy each other.  We need more weekends just like it!!!

Miss Addi and her Daddy.  🙂

I just adore them more than I can even begin to say…

Cole wrote his name in the sand all by himself!  So stinkin’ cute!!

Tired girl catching a lift from her daddy.  🙂

Isn’t that so cool? 

The final shot before the drive home.  I love this picture!  I want to get a huge print of it and hang it in my house!!  I love the weathered skeletal structure- barely still standing. 


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