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Thank You!!

cans-100131 comments = 31 canned good items!  🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me give back to my community. I am so grateful for everyone and everything in my life, I am truly blessed.  This was so much fun for me, I got excited every single time a new comment came in!  I will definitely be doing more of this!!

Happy Holidays and God Bless!!

~The True’s



I think I CAN, I think I CAN!! {Giving Back!!}

So, the ever amazing Jasmine Star had a great post on her blog today- ways to get involved and give back to those less fortunate.  After checking out some of the links she included on her post, I was inspired to follow in the footsteps of Chris & Lynn, two amazing photographers out of Vancouver, BC.  So, are you ready for this?

I love to receive comments, so this is so perfect!  From the moment this post goes live until December 16th, 11:59pm, for every comment posted on my blog (to any post), the True Family will donate a canned good to Food for Lane County!  Could it be any easier?  Just post a comment and share the love!  🙂 

For fun, I will be keeping track and posting occasional updates!!

So many amazing Photographers nationwide & internationally are getting in on this!  What do you have to lose?  This is the time of year to count your blessings- I am counting mine!  Let’s come together and bless others in need!

Much Love,

Jeff, Holli, Cole & Addisyn


Brandon- Senior Shoot

Months ago my dear friend Bonnie asked me to do her Grandson’s senior pictures.  I was thrilled- not only because senior sessions are my favorite sittings to do, but also because I simply adore Bonnie.  🙂  We met up two weekends ago out in Marcola to do pictures on Brandon’s family’s property and some other meaningful places to them. 

This session will always stand as one of my all-time favorites, not only did I get to spend time getting to know Bonnie’s family, they were also gracious enough to ask me to bring my family, too.  🙂  This meant a lot to me because my kids rarely go with me on shoots and I love when they can be involved in something I love so much. 

Brandon, I hope you and your family love your pictures!!!  Oh, and we absolutely loved the Halloween Card- THANK YOU!!  🙂 


This picture just warms my heart.  🙂  I had the honor of photographing this little cutie, Addison, while she was in her Mama’s tummy and again when she was a infant.  Brandon and Addison are cousins and although they are years apart in age, they share a very special bond with each other.  So precious!!




This shot was taken at the Earnest Barn, we spent a long time here because soon this barn will be demolished.  😦


Love, love, LOVE the one above.  Personal fav!





This is a new secret photo spot for me- I just love it!


Brandon’s Grandpa built this covered wagon, along with a gorgeous carriage.  His Grandpa has some serious talent, I was in awe.  🙂  Thank you for allowing us to use both in some pictures!!




I <3 Old Stuff!

So, anyone who knows me knows my obsession with anything old.  Cars, barns, jeans, hats- whatever.  I feel the older the better.  The more wear and tear, the happier I am.  Is that strange?  Just call it a quirk, as I have many of those.  🙂  Anyway, for as long as I can remember I have truly been crazy abut old barns.  Every time Jeff (my hubby) and I go on a road-trip, we are always on the look-out for weathered barns.  Since Jeff and I have been together for over 12 years now, we have seen a few.  🙂  And in all these past 12 years, nothing has changed- I still “Ooh” and “Aww” like a child in a toy store.

Two weekends ago, while on a Senior Shoot, we came across this precious gem in Marcola- the Earnest Barn. 


This historic barn is now quite fragile and is set to be demolished soon, which breaks my heart.  Apparently the roof is caving in and they have deemed it damaged beyond repair.  I took some additional time during the shoot to snap a few personal shots of the barn for me, I fully intend to get this one printed for my house because I just love it.  🙂 

You’ll see more of this barn when I post Brandon’s pictures next… 


Oregon Coast- Day Two

We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  🙂  All in all, it was an awesome weekend to get away and enjoy each other.  We need more weekends just like it!!!

Miss Addi and her Daddy.  🙂

I just adore them more than I can even begin to say…

Cole wrote his name in the sand all by himself!  So stinkin’ cute!!

Tired girl catching a lift from her daddy.  🙂

Isn’t that so cool? 

The final shot before the drive home.  I love this picture!  I want to get a huge print of it and hang it in my house!!  I love the weathered skeletal structure- barely still standing. 


Oregon Coast = Family Fun!

As promised before, I am making every effort to post more pictures of my family.  🙂  These pictures were taken 2 weekends ago at the coast.  We went over to photograph a family and made a weekend of it!  Luckily for me, we arrived just as the sun was setting.  We quickly dropped our luggage in the room and ran down to the beach.  These are some of my favorite pictures I have ever gotten!  The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite places on earth- it’s beauty amazes me every time.  Add my precious family and it makes for some gorgeous pictures.  🙂  Enjoy!!

Grandpa and Cole playing in the surf.

Daddy snapped a photo of the True Girls.

Jeff (also known as Daddy) 🙂 was trying to get a picture of the boardwalk just as Cole decided to run down to get grandpa.  We both love this picture!  🙂

This is my boardwalk picture.  🙂  Wish we were still there…

I will be posting day two at the coast next!  🙂


Family Session- Oregon Coast

Two weekends ago I was asked by my best friend, Andrea, to photograph her family at the coast.  As many of you know, the Oregon Coast is one my FAVORITE places on earth- so I was thrilled!  We met two weekends ago on a gorgeous Sunday.  This was my first chance to meet Andrea & Willy’s newest addition, Dain.  🙂  He was a doll- much like his older brother, Tauj.  Thank you to all of you for making the drive and taking the time to do this shoot- I think your parents are going to love them!!  (This is a surprise for them!)