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Check out my new Blog!!!

So, we are still working out some of the details of the new blog- but I am truly smitten with it already!!  🙂  Oh the joys of having total creative control!  Please update your bookmarks, as I won’t be posting to here anymore.  Please let me know what you think!!  I ♥ Comments!!!



Scott + Brittney- Salem Wedding 1.17.09

The day was gorgeous- blue skies, golden sun, not a cloud in sight. For anyone living in Oregon, you know these days are scarce in January. 🙂 Perfect weather on a perfect day for the perfect couple who vowed their lives to each other.

Brittney and I are cousins, we grew up playing out on her grandma’s farm, riding quads and getting dirty.  When she and Scott got engaged we were thrilled for them.  After getting to know Scott better and watching the two of them together, we knew that they were meant for each other.  I honestly couldn’t have hand-picked a better match for Brittney and think of anyone else I would want to welcome into our family.  We are so happy for you two and cannot wait to hang out again! 

We so enjoyed every minute of your wedding- it was amazing!  We hope you love your images!  We love you!!













Showit Sites- Site of the Year Contest

Wow… That’s about all I can muster after discovering that my website has been selected as a finalist in the Site of the Year Contest. Showit Sites is amazing, I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again and again… I just can’t say enough great things about their products and service! 🙂 Thank you a million times over!!

It feels so amazing to have my site listed as one of the finalists.  It’s so cool to look at the other sites and see their creativity and personality throughout their website.  Showit Sites gives us the tools and freedom to create what we envision without being restricted by templates.  I LOVE that!! 

So, if you are a member of OpenSource Photo, please take the time to look at all of the sites and vote for your favorite 5.  All of us photographers thank you!!!  🙂



My Muse!

Sometimes you meet people who simply inspire you.  Inspire you to try, to improve, to just do.  Justine does this for me.  She is a great friend, my #1 cheerleader, my go-to person for different ideas I have about my business and above all, my muse.  🙂  Aside from being obviously gorgeous, she’s also willing try anything- especially when it comes to my photography visions.  Like I said, she is a GREAT friend!   

This past Sunday Justine and I drove out to Harrisburg for a concept shoot with the ultra-fabulous, Kacy Jo!  I met Kacy this past summer and I just adore her.  She allowed us to play on her turf and although it was freezing cold, we had a great time and managed to produce some amazing shots!  Justine & Kacy- thank you for being awesome friends!  Enjoy!!












Oh, and I have to say, I LOVE my new lenses!!!


Our little Rockstar!

So, my little man, Cole, is destined for super-stardom.  I know, I know, everyone thinks their children are brilliant- I am no exception to this rule.  🙂  Cole could play Guitar Hero at the age of 2, and I don’t mean fail out- he could actually pass the songs.  Last year for Christmas Santa bought him Rockband and he quickly picked up on the drums.  This year Santa brought him Rockband 2, he now can beat songs on expert on drums- it is insane!!  His newest thing is actually playing the guitar- on expert- and singing at the same time…

Um, crazy, right??  He’s totally our little Rockstar!! Backup singing and vocals are compliments of Miss Addi. Yes- I am on the drums- can’t thank Jeff enough for panning out to get me in there- I so love that!   (Yeah, right!)

We’re practically the Partridge Family, minus the bell-bottoms. 🙂


For all you Brides…

Want to be inspired with some unique and fabulous ideas?  Then you must check out the Wedding Chicks BlogJocey & Amy are so in-tune with Weddings and offer up some of the best information- not to mention the fact that they post constantly!  Check them out!

chicksI am so excited to announce that I am one of their Preferred Vendors!  Woo-hoo!




Oh how I heart you, Shootsac. Jessica Claire you are a genius and I truly adore you. I have been drooling over the Shootsac’s for the past year, begging, pleading, whining. I did it all to no avail. So, when Jeff and I made the big 4-lens purchase I turned to him and declared, “Now I have to have a Shootsac!” He rolled his eyes and gave me a half grin, “I figured you say that.”  I came straight home and ordered my glorious new lens tote.  Now it is here and I am in love!



Isn’t it gorgeous??  The designed covers are sold separately- when I saw this particular cover I was so excited!  It is so me and I just adore it!

For any of you Photographers who don’t know what a Shootsac is or you are debating on getting one, I urge you to go for it!  It is so light and so comfortable to wear- last weekend I packed three of my lenses- including my beast of a lens- the 70-200 2.8L- it wasn’t bulky or awkward.  The Shootsac is made out of heavy duty neoprene, so while it cushions and protects your lenses, it is also light in weight.  This is a must-have for all Wedding Photographers, in my humble opinion.