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Derek Part 2

Since spring has been non-existent in Oregon this year, Derek and I finally decided to just do pictures, regardless of the weather.  We went out two Saturday’s ago and wouldn’t you know- it decided to snow!  (Snow in April???)  He’s my cousin, so I can torture him!  🙂  We started up at Skinner’s Butte and made our way down one Downtown street- I have to say I love the results!  We were on a very tight schedule and managed to get about 100 shots in 45 minutes.  🙂  The one below, I love!

Congrats, Derek!

Another favorite!  We were driving to Skiner’s Butte and saw a building with some incredible graffiti.  Love it!

My aunt wishes he wasn’t wearing this shirt.  I love the whole look.  🙂


Amy (Part 2)

I met up with Amy a couple of days ago to shoot some additional Senior pictures.  I really like to do two seperate sessions, one during the Summer or Fall when the weather is gorgeous and another in Spring, closer to graduation.  Amy is amazing- she is such a sweetheart and obviously adorable!  We had a lot of fun and managed to get some really great shots!  🙂  Congrats on your upcoming graduation, Amy!

The picture above is one of my favorites!!

Another favorite!  🙂




Class of 2009 Senior High School Model Search!

I am looking for class of 2009 Models to be featured in advertisements, MySpace and my website.  One Junior from each local High School will be chosen to represent Holli True Photography during spring of their Junior year.

I am currently looking for Models at the following schools:

Willamette, Churchill, North Eugene, South Eugene, Sheldon, Springfield, Thurston, Junction City, Elmira